risk/reward festival ‘19

The Risk/Reward Festival showcases five new works by indie performing artists from across the region. Come celebrate our 12th year blurring the boundaries of theater, music, dance, and performance art in new and surprising ways.

Artists: BODY HOME FAT DANCE, Milton Lim & Patrick Blenkarn, LanDforms, Ilvs Strauss, Joni Renee Whitworth


____ the wolf is a visual and auditory exploration of desire, longing, and miscommunication of the sexes through the fairytale lens. Inspired by Charles Perrault’s Le Petit Chaperon Rouge (Little Red Riding Hood), _____ the Wolf invites the audience to happen in on five living dioramas, go on a forest walk, and ask “what if?”

Cast: Jean-Luc Boucherot, Kayla Hanson, Anya Pearson*, Alex Ramirez de Cruz, Briana Ratterman Trevithick

Renee’s Queer Cabaret

Renee’s Queer Cabaret is a series of themed “resistance variety shows” hosted by Rockstar and B Movie Actress Renée Muzquiz. This live stage performance will defy the traditional cabaret with rock music and a focus on the intimate humor, joys and vulnerabilities of living on the LGBTQIA+ spectrum. 


SALT is a multimedia presentation of 8 installations exploring the idea of civil disobedience, inspired by Mahatma Gandhi's Salt March speech and the effect his words had on a multitude of people.

Artists: Lava Alapai & Alex Ramirez, Bobby Bermea & Jamie Rea (featuring Caitlin Nolan), Namita Gupta-Wiggers, Sabina Haque (featuring Michele Ainza, Subashini Ganesan & Simeon Jacob), Infinit.Indigos, Anya Pearson (featuring Kayla Banks & Tammy Jo Wilson), Christopher Ringkamp and Beth Thompson


Through live original music, storytelling and puppetry, Tracy McFarland and Dan Luce uplift and attune audiences, young and old, to their own personal joy and heart-centered intuition. Under the Same Sky features three stories: of the river, of the forest and of the mountain. 

PAVEMENT - Risk/Reward Festival

National and local artists will engage with the environment and the community through short form site-specific performances in public spaces throughout the First Thursday gallery walk enlivening our streets with unexpected images and experiences.  


BANG! is a collaboration of Portland physical theatre artists inspired by the popular spaghetti western card game. This devised work brings you the fun and drama of the old West, captured through the eyes of larger than life characters. 

Actors: Angela Van Epps, London Bauman, Sean Andries, Jeff Desautels, Laura Loy, and Anna Sell.


Miss Julie deals with bold themes of class and sexual identity politics. Notwithstanding the progress made in breaking down gender barriers, the inequalities inherent in a patriarchal system persist in modern society. Miss Julie highlights these imbalances. 

Actors: Beth Thompson and Matthew Kerrigan


Beady Little Eyes brings short-form puppetry to a whole new level. If you think you know what a puppet show is, you have no idea. These shows will feature 8 short puppet acts by many different artists + a few short puppet films that are nothing like Sesame Street. Think Puppet Cabaret Show meets the Muppet Show but with (regrettably) fewer puns. 


Tender Napalm is a ferocious and epic tale about two people doing what we all do on a daily basis...fighting to love each other. These two, Man and Woman, approach each other with hope, anger, wild longing, tenderness, epic stories, skilled imagination and knuckles bared. Philip Ridley, our British playwright, has a love affair with poetry, dry humor and myth as well as an appreciation for the violence we daily impart on each other.

Actors: Beth Thompson and Josh Weinstein