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Meg is...

A photographer. Yes, of course, this is a website dedicated solely to photographs. However, the photos aren't the main focus here. The focus is on the people & the experience. Without those crucial elements, the photos would be nothing. As a photographer and creative, I feel that my purpose behind the lens is to show the viewer just how amazing the subject is. Let me tell you, my subjects are pretty incredible.

Along with photography, I love connecting people. I recently founded an arts nonprofit, Fused Creative, that is dedicated to generating a platform for artistic experimentation, vulnerability, and unique integration of varying mediums.  

Through my main medium, many opportunities have presented themselves. I have worked with theater companies, magazines, newspapers, improv groups, professional musicians, up and coming artists, actors, restaurants, clothing companies, jewelers, bloggers-you name it. It's not about taking a "pretty photo", it's about the lives that are changed in the process, and the bringing together of different groups of people.