Meg is...

A photographer. Yes, of course, this is a website dedicated solely to photographs. However, the photos aren't the main focus here. The focus is on the people & the experience. Without those crucial elements, the photos would be nothing. As a photographer and creative, I feel that my purpose behind the lens is to show the viewer just how amazing the subject is. Let me tell you, my subjects are pretty incredible.

Along with photography, I love connecting people. I work with two Non-Profit organizations; From the Ground Up, which utilizes the performing arts to create dialogue, build community and give voice to underserved youth, and Big Mouth Society, which brings the community together through curated artistic experiences. I am in charge of Marketing and Creative Directing with both NPO's. Through these organizations, I am able to bring each of my skills to the table. Photography brought me to both of these incredible groups. 

Through my main medium, many opportunities have presented themselves. I have worked with theater companies, magazines, newspapers, improv groups, professional musicians, up and coming artists, actors, restaurants, clothing companies, jewelers, bloggers-you name it. It's not about taking a "pretty photo", it's about the lives that are changed in the process, and the bringing together of different groups of people.