BANG! is a collaboration of Portland physical theatre artists inspired by the popular spaghetti western card game. This devised work brings you the fun and drama of the old West, captured through the eyes of larger than life characters. 

Actors: Angela Van Epps, London Bauman, Sean Andries, Jeff Desautels, Laura Loy, and Anna Sell.


Miss Julie deals with bold themes of class and sexual identity politics. Notwithstanding the progress made in breaking down gender barriers, the inequalities inherent in a patriarchal system persist in modern society. Miss Julie highlights these imbalances. 

Actors: Beth Thompson and Matthew Kerrigan

Tender Napalm is a ferocious and epic tale about two people doing what we all do on a daily basis...fighting to love each other. These two, Man and Woman, approach each other with hope, anger, wild longing, tenderness, epic stories, skilled imagination and knuckles bared. Philip Ridley, our British playwright, has a love affair with poetry, dry humor and myth as well as an appreciation for the violence we daily impart on each other.

Actors: Beth Thompson and Josh Weinstein